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        Videohive - Videolancer's Transitions V3 for Premiere Pro | Original Seamless Transitions

        Videohive - Videolancer's Transitions V3 for Premiere Pro | Original Seamless Transitions
        Version Premiere Pro CC | No Plugin | Resizable | 641Mb


        Over 1500 Transitions with Sound FX

        The current version of the package includes 10 different categories of transitions for every day. They are Zoom transitions, Pan transitions, Glitch, 3D Box, Shape, Warp, Light Leaks and much more. Preview all categories of transitions

        Version 3.0 is now available! What’s new?

        Now this pack is called – “Videolancer’s Transitions”

        New project structure – each category is presented as a separate file (good for speed of file import and re-save)

        New improved system for custom resolution – now it’s enough to change the resolution of one sequence

        Added new transitions categories: 3D Box, VR Warp, Shape

        Original package of the most popular Seamless Transitions

        Our Seamless Transitions was the first such product on the Envato market! Over 40,000 customers have received our products for After Effects and Premiere Pro! Tens of thousands of film makers, videographers, TV broadcasters and bloggers have already appreciated it and saved millions of hours on video production.

        Just Drag-and-Drop

        Our transitions are very easy to use – just choose a suitable transition and drag it into your sequence. For each transition, we made a prerender with previews, it was more convenient for you to choose a suitable transition. In addition, each transition includes a sound effect – which will make your video even more epic!

        Resizable to any resolutions and aspect ratios

        All transitions are fully optimized for video with any aspect ratio, including IGTV!

        To change the default resolution of transitions, you only need a few clicks.

        So, here is a short tutorial – change resolution for this sequence, and… that’s it!

        The tutorial is over smile

        Thus, you can use all popular video resolution, includes the following:

        4K 4096x3072

        DCI 4K 4096×2160

        4K Academy 3656×2664

        4K Flat 3996×2160

        4K Scope 4096×1716

        UltraHD 3840×2160

        GoPro 2704×1520

        Scope 2048×858

        Flat 1998×1080

        FullHD 1920×1080

        Panavision 1920×698

        HD 1280×720

        IGTV 1080×1920

        Square 1080×1080

        ...and many others.

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