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        Happy Birthday Balls - Project for After Effects (Pond5)

        Happy Birthday Balls - Project for After Effects (Pond5)
        After Effects Version CS4 - CC | 1280x720 | mov, png | No plug-in | 269 Mb


        This project aims to create video for Happy birthday's, annuals or any other celebrations day. Good suits for children happy birthdays. Originally, I created it for my girlfriend's happy birthday. Cartoon-looking stuff with a little ray of humor.

        This project also force you to make up some poetry. Thus, you can put a little spark of your soul into it and make more intimate.

        The concept is that some funny-looking balls within enchanted forest get unexpected message. What's in message is up to you. It can be some important event in someone's life. Anyway, balls are going to be the happiest creatures in the whole Universe, because of that. They can acting weird, but... It's the celebration time!
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        Source: After Effects CS4

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