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        The Ultimate App Promo - Motion Toolkit - Project for After Effects (Videohive)

        The Ultimate App Promo - Motion Toolkit - Project for After Effects (Videohive)
        After Effects Version CS6 & above | 1920x1080 | 30 November 15 | No plugins | 848mb


        Main Features:

        • Unlimited options & combinations. Truly modular project
        We have built Ultimate App Promo with reusability in mind, which means you can
        create unique looking promo videos every single time. It is fully modular so you
        can adapt it to your app as well as your audience
        • Drag and Drop Simplicity
        Our toolkit isn’t just a bunch of stock footages wrapped into nice package. We
        took the best footage in ultra high resolution and combined it with professional
        tracking, chroma keying and compositing so you just drag and drop!
        • Forget Corner Pin, this is Fully Camera Tracked !
        This package is one of the first ever created which utilizes a full potential of
        After Effects 3D space. Instead of corner pin, which has numerous limitations, we
        tracked objects in 3D space. This gives you almost unlimited posibilities in AE.
        • Intelligent Touch Points
        In our toolkit, everything is fully prepared for you, so you see when, where and which
        touch gesture is going to happen. All you have to do is connect your footage to the
        appropriate controller and everything will be automatically animated!
        • Includes Latest Models of iPhone
        Being able to display your App using the latest devices is crucial for your brand image.
        You don’t want to make an impression of old, not updated product, so we have included the
        latest models of iPhone
        • Multiple Device orientations included
        As well as device itself, its orientation is playing a crucial role how you going to display\
        your App. Most of the footage included has portrait and landscape orientations included
        • Advanced Options with simple controls
        Every shot comes with special options for changing multiple visual properties, such as reflections,
        glow, lightwrap, glass diffusion and more. This way you can set-up everything just as you like
        it with just a few checkboxes and sliders. Neat!
        • Animated iOS 8 Toolkit Included
        Apart for everything else, we also included a professionally animated iOS 8 toolkit which includes
        things such as pop-ups, notifications, control panel, animated lock/unlock, animated keyboards and
        so much more. It works with iPhone!
        • Shot with Professional RED camera
        Quality of footage plays an important role in first impression. You don’t want to use cheap, grainy
        and unstable shots for your product promo. We used a RED camera which is one of the most used camera
        in Hollywood blockbusters!
        • Broadcast Quality with marketplace price tag
        An incredible amount of work was put into developing one of the most advanced app promo toolkits on
        the market. The best thing for you as a customer is the low price tag. Enjoy the perks of buying through Videohive!
        • Premium Customer Support based in London
        With the purchase of our template, you’ll automatically get our priority customer support with no additional costs!
        So if you have trouble setting it up, just let us know and we will get back to you with a solution within a few hours
        • Works with All versions and Language sets of After Effects
        Our projects work with all versions of After Effects all the way down to version CS4. It also works with CS5, CS5.5, CC
        and CC2014. On top of that, they work flawlessly in any After Effects’ language set. Danke schön !
        • Fully Modular with Intelligent Updates
        This project is fully modular and comes with intelligent updates, which means that as son as we release a new update,
        you can simply import this update directly to your existing file and it will work without you need to do anything else.
        • Interactive Documentation included
        Our projects come with fully interactive documentation for your convenience in case you need a little bit of help. This
        documentation covers every aspect of the project, from beginnings to more advanced options for pro users.
        • Music is not included.

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