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        Pro Motion Menu Kit 10 - Ornate Elegance

        Precomposed - Pro Motion Menu Kit 10 - Ornate Elegance - Комлект графики и видео для оформления свадебного фильма.

        Precomposed - Pro Motion Menu Kit 10 - Ornate Elegance - contains a complete set of tools to transform your finished edit into an impressive final product. The kit includes pre-designed templates for your DVD menu, cover, and label with matching themes and color palettes that are far superior to the generic templates bundled with your authoring software. Our menus boast incredible 3D animated motion menu transitions with included sound FX, and the entire kit is quick and easy to customize...

        System Requirements:

        •Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X
        •Adobe After Effects CS3 or above
        •Adobe Photoshop CS3 or above
        •Adobe Encore CS3 or above, or DVD Studio Pro 2 or above
        •15GB of Available Hard-disk Space (for rendered menus)

        •Motion Menu project file for Adobe After Effects
        •Native support for HD(1920), NTSC, & PAL resolutions
        •Engaging Sound FX track to overlay with music of your choice
        •DVD/Blu-ray Cover & Label Template in Photoshop .PSD format
        •Fonts Used in the Menu and Packaging
        •Photoshop Actions to Automate Changing Colors & Converting to Blu-ray Specifications
        •Menu Templates for Button Overlays in your DVD Authoring Software
        •Custom Button Shapes for DVD Studio Pro
        •Adobe Encore Color Set file to quickly set the color scheme
        •Eight easy-to-follow video tutorials that will walk you through the steps of customizing your menu, cover, label, and authoring from start to finish

        Release Name: Precomposed - Pro Motion Menu Kit 10 - Ornate Elegance
        Type: DVD-Menu, AE-Preject
        Release Date:: 01 November 11
        Homepage: _http://www.precomposed.com/products/pro_motion_menu_kits/10_ornate_elegance/
        After Effects Version: CS3+
        Resolution: 1280x720
        File Format: aep, mov, psd
        File Size: 80 Mb

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