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        Aescripts Crazy Shapes V1.1.5

        With Crazy Shapes, you can expand the possibilities of Path work in After Effects. Make rigs, add cool animations in a few clicks, and use extra tools to make your work easy and fun.


        We prepared a set of tools to process Path. They help to make squash and stretch, wavy animation, secondary actions, and more. Rig tools help to connect prepared illustrations, which cannot be achieved with other classic tools.

        The scripts use two types of animation. Looped animations work without any keys and are created directly inside the path. So with a few sliders, you can change full animation. Half-automated animations add secondary actions to your prepared illustrations.

        These features will speed up your workflow and extend possibilities.

        To the basic tools, there are some supporting tools:

        Reset position, rotation, and scale inside the shape layer, including the path space coordinates.
        Link Nulls with Path points in 5 ways.
        Convert all parametric shapes to the path or all expressions to keyframes with one button.
        Disable the visibility of unnecessary inner groups of shapes.

        How does it work?
        We prepared two options. Take a look at the video tutorial and get familiar with the possibilities and features it can provide. Also, we provide widely described docs in Notion. All information is organized and illustrated with videos and gifs. Get Fun!

        1.1.5 (Current version) - Jan 16, 2024
        - Update license

        Speed Rig:
        - Fix speed rig name parsing

        Points to Shapes:
        - New Duplicate and Reparent function

        Reset Shapes:
        - Fix cases with ungrouped shapes

        Link Points to Nulls:
        - Improve linking mechanics
        - Updated path search and converting mechanics
        - Alternative Mid-Area mechanics
        - Parent nulls to common null in the pointsToNulls

        Convert to Path:
        - Add star converting
        - Fix path converting without shape groups
        1.1.3 - Jan 19, 2023
        Path Keys: reveal the path properties with keyframes
        Slider Path: incorrect Null moving direction
        Convert To Path:
        - improve Convert to Path mechanics
        - this functionality is added to the Nulls & Points Linking functions and is applied automatically
        Slider Rig:
        - remove unused Layer Scale and Layer Rotation properties
        - fix slider pseudo effect instead of Len Rig effect
        Code optimization and small improvements
        1.1.2 - Dec 5, 2022
        - Script launching mechanics have been improved. Fixed a bug while clicking on buttons for some users
        - Fixed a bug that appeared after launching scripts with an inactive timeline panel

        Bake Expressions: fix bake for Path Delay timing
        Path Stretch: fix tangents rotation
        Slider Path: Change the position of the null object clockwise

        Len Rig and Slider Rig

        - The AE 23 version now has colored keyframes
        - Added example of rigs if no one layer is selected

        Path Delay

        - New simple version of the Path Delay for better performance. It will be added by pressing Shift + Click
        - updated delay mechanics and improved points tangents animation
        - new checkbox to disable expression animation
        - remove Tangents Delay and Tangents Multiply parameters
        - fix Scale delay

        Small bug fixes and improvements
        1.1.1 - Nov 15, 2022
        - Fixed the appearance of tooltips

        Path Delay

        - Path Rotation fix
        - Path delay and Elastic animations work better with motion on parent layers
        - Disabled elastic animation by default

        Len Rig / Slider Rig

        - In some cases script adds an unnecessary key to the slider rig
        - Fixed and improved state morphing

        Waves on Path

        - Added possibility to change each path controls when the value randomizer is disabled
        - Disabled random waves speed frequency and amplitude values

        Reset Shape

        - Unparent layer before resetting layer

        Clean Expressions

        - Disable expressions before deleting them in smart mode
        - Remove all round corners that were added by Crazy Shapes

        Rig keys / Path Keys

        - add keys to the selected path on the viewport

        Bug fixes and improvements
        1.1.0 - Oct 13, 2022
        - More buttons tooltips
        - Icons update
        - Bug fixes and improvements

        Wave on Path
        - New multi path offsets in the one layer
        - New tangents animation
        - New simple wave on path
        - New basic path with waves if no one layer is selected
        - Scan and convert parametric shapes

        Len Rig
        - Compact len rig controllers style
        - New auto flip states
        - Bezier curve fix
        - Range stop angle fix

        Path Delay
        - Build-in elastic

        Slider Path
        - New points switch

        Nulls to Path
        - Link with masks

        Clean expressions
        - Clean Crazy Shapes effects
        1.0.2 - Sep 27, 2022
        - improved alert message with errors information
        - bug fixes
        1.0.1 - Sep 20, 2022
        - fix: extension panel not opening in the Windows
        - fix: Slider and Length Rig functions not working with puppets
        - fix: in the Path Bend and Path Delay expressions stop work after enabling the 3D layer
        - improve: better expression switching in the On/Off function
        - several minor bug fixes and improvements
        1.0.0 - Sep 19, 2022
        Initial release

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