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        proDAD Heroglyph (Win64)

        proDaD Heroglyph - Погрузитесь в богатство новых творческих возможностей Heroglyph. Создавайте профессиональные титры, графику в нижней трети экрана, туристические маршруты и рукописную текстовую анимацию при помощи одного потрясающего инструмента. Идеальный завершающий штрих для всех ваших проектов. Бесконечные комбинации простых в использовании эффектов, анимации и уникальных шрифтов, которые создают результаты профессионального уровня.
        proDaD Heroglyph - The Essential Video Titler Solution. Until now you had to use different programs and, to some extent, complex key images to produce your trailers. Heroglyph now allows you to obtain the same results, but much easier. Heroglyph is also the number one choice for multimedia producers, video directors and aspiring professionals as far as output quality is concerned. The aim of this product is to perfect digital video editing in the form of perfect trailers and fade-ins. The path in attaining this aim is short due to the intuitive user interface that provides several innovative features and helps you produce perfect results. We hope you enjoy Heroglyph version 4 and always produce results that are full of effects!

        Dive into the wealth of new, creative possibilities of Heroglyph V4
        Create professional video titles, lower-thirds, credits, travel routes and handwriting animation with only one amazing tool. Add the perfect finishing touch to all of your projects. Endless combinations of effects, animations, and unique fonts, which create professional grade results and are easier than ever to use.

        Heroglyph V4 Pro with its new user interface greatly simplifies workflow compared with other video titling solutions…and all project changes are done on the fly in real-time with live full resolution preview – a Heroglyph V4 exclusive!

        Title & Trailer Wizard
        Professionals and video-enthusiasts alike will love Heroglyph V4’s vast collection of over 500 fully customizable templates and elements for common title projects, such as weddings, documentaries, sports events and much more. Simply drop your own texts and images into the correct position and chose one of the pre-set animations, customize with a dizzying array of effects and your new title or trailer is done!

        Travel Route Wizard
        Anyone who has used key-frame based animation tools will appreciate Heroglyph V4’s simplicity. Simply select a map image, and click & draw your route, even with multiple destinations; with complete customization of timing, animations, and tons of cool effects. Make it appear as if the route is drawn magically, just add the animated symbols.

        Slideshow Wizard
        Create slideshows in Heroglyph V4 from still images, photos, and videos, full customization of style, effects, and animations if desired with automatic sub-titles and alldesign power of Heroglyph.

        Auto-animated Handscript Wizard
        Fully automated handwriting animation – with unique proDAD fonts. To create the magically appearing writing, complicated drawings or key frames are no longer necessary. Simply type in text, choose font, done! Exclusively for Windows.

        Video Wall Wizard
        Heroglyph V4 creates Video Walls with ease using customizable templates and from any combination of photos or video clips with endless possibilities of creative effects, if desired; add subtitles – and as usual it’s fully automated!

        Completely unique handling and user interface
        Interactive, animated results while you edit. Additional design options are possible even while animation view ; that way title and background are perfectly adjusted! In addition, real time preview in 1:1 resolution – no rendering necessary in order to see changes. Heroglyph V4 offers a completely new and exclusive form of animated design.

        What is new in Heroglyph 4?
        • Due to the fact that there are many new features, the user interface has been given a completely new layout
        • Quickly & easily create a wide array of titles, lower-thirds, credits, subtitles, and more with unlimited combinations of text, images, effects, and animations
        • New FastStart templates let you fully customize commonly used title projects with so many creative possibilities it’s impossible to list them all
        • Exclusive live preview of the project while making changes, no need to render to see what your changes will look like
        • Powerful yet easy TravelRoute animator lets you import a map image and with a few mouse clicks you can create complete route animations with lots of creative options
        • Create amazing 3D Video Walls with tons of creative layouts & options
        • New automated Handscript animation tool lets you create fully automated handscript text and symbols by simply typing what you want to see and plenty of customization options for styles, colors, and effects
        • Use as a plug-in for popular NLEs or as a stand-alone app, 64bit also!

        Name: proDAD Heroglyph 4 v4.0.230 Win64
        Typ: 3Video Titler
        Publisher: proDAD
        Home: www.prodad.com/home/products/videotiteling/heroglyph/300514306,l-us.html
        Release Date: 2014/12/02
        Interface Language: Multilingual
        Platform: Win x 64
        File Size: 717,97Mb

        System Requirements:
        • Windows 64bit
        • 2 Core CPU, 2GB RAM and 2GB disc space
        • 4 Core CPU, 6GB RAM and 8GB disc space

        What's new in v4.0.230.0:
        • Plugin for Pinnacle Studio 18

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