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        Videohive - Graphics Pack V4.1 - 22601944 - After effects & Premiere Pro Templates

        Videohive - Graphics Pack V4.1 - 22601944 - After effects & Premiere Pro Templates
        Premiere Pro CC 2021 and Above, After Effects Version CC 2018 & above | Resizable | 8 April 2021 | No plugins | Video Tutorial | 3,1 gb


        Toko Graphics 4.0 Product Information

        2250+ Ready For Use Graphics Elements
        • After Effects CC 2018 and Above
        • Premiere Pro CC 2021 and Above
        600 Sound FX Included
        After Effects and Premiere Pro Support
        • Supported any Resolution up to 4K
        Free Handy Extension
        No Plugins Required
        • Link for free font included
        html Library Included
        • Works for all language of After Effects
        Links to Video Tutorials are Included
        • Fast Render
        Color Control
        • Perfect for Social Media Ads and Video Covers!
        • Videos and Photos are Not Included
        • Music is not included.

        What is included in the project

        • Toko Graphics (After Effects Files)
        • Toko Graphics ( Premiere Pro Files – MOGRTs )
        • Html Library
        • Tutorials
        • Helpfile


        Update 4.1 (01-04-2021) New
        For MOGRT’s files:
        • Added support for Premiere Pro 2021.
        • Added the function to change placeholders directly in Premiere Pro.
        • Added many controllers to adjust the position of each text.
        • Added group customization controllers for more precise customization (For Typography, Infographics, Devices)
        • Redesigned all categories.
        For All files:
        • Many bugs fixed.
        • Improved optimization.

        Update 4.0 (16-01-2021) New
        • New categories: Glitch Elements and Overlays, Kinetic Titles, Kinetic Posters, Interface Items.
        • New items: Typography, Titles, Lower Thirds, Backgrounds, Flat Transitions, Social Media, Big Titles, Infographics, Devices, Sound FX.
        • An improved version of the project for Premiere Pro has been released, which works through the Motion Bro extension!
        • Reworked Text Messages Category.
        • Added Responsive Text Box.
        • Fixed bugs with wrong fonts.
        • Font Bebas Neue Updated to the latest version.
        • Font Uni Sans Updated to the latest version.
        • Fixed bugs with Expressions.
        • Redesigned most of the animations.
        • Improved optimization for elements.
        • The DEVICES Category is 50-60% Faster!
        • Improved .MOGRT files.
        • Support for the new version of Motion Bro.
        • Updated links to video tutorials for Toko 4.0.
        • Improved Stability and much more!

        Update 3.1 (19-05-2020) New
        • Added support for Motion Bro 3.0 (If you have an older version of Motion Bro installed, please update the extension)

        Update 3.0 (13-07-2019)
        • New Typography, Gradients, Backgrounds, Flat Transitions,
        Social Media, Shape Lines, Sound FX.
        • Added Resize Controllers for any aspect ratio [For Premiere Pro]
        • Added IN/OUT Feature for Premiere Pro!
        • Improved Auto Resize to any aspect ratio.
        • Font Bebas Neue Updated to the latest version.
        • Fixed bug with duplicating Call Outs.
        • Fixed bugs with wrong fonts.
        • Fixed bugs with Expressions.
        • Improved Stability.
        • Improved and redesigned .Mogrt files.

        Update 2.1.1 (27-01-2019)
        • Camera Transitions resize bugs fixed.
        • Improved stability.

        Update 2.1 (18-01-2019)
        • Updated links to video tutorials.

        Update 2.0 (21-12-2018)
        • New categories: Gradients, Camera Transitions, Big Titles, Text Messages.
        • New items: Typography, Transitions, Social Media, Titles, Lower Thirds, Sounds FX .
        • Sound Effects added to transitions!
        • Fixed incorrect fonts.
        • Improved stability.

        Update 1.3.1 (25-10-2018)
        + Fixed bugs with incorrect fonts for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

        Update 1.3 (19-10-2018)
        + Added support for After Effects CC 2019.
        + Added support for Premiere Pro CC 2019.
        + Added function to change fonts directly in Premiere Pro!
        + Fixed incorrect fonts.

        Update 1.2 (10-09-2018)
        + Added fully resizable for all elements. Now you can use elements for any aspect ratio!
        + Added groups mode to adjust the slide as you want.

        Update 1.1 (09-27-2018)
        + Fixed incorrect fonts

        Release (09-19-2018)
        + First Released Version

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