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        Videohive - HUDGE | Generator of Hi-Tech Elements | 1400+ UI HUD - 26509230

        Videohive - HUDGE | Generator of Hi-Tech Elements | 1400+ UI HUD - 26509230
        After Effects Version CC 2014.2 & above | Resizable | 15 May 2020 | No plugins | Video Tutorial | 2,55 gb


        Works in After Effects CC 2017 and above (Extension panel works in CC 2014.2 and above).
        Embedded in the Extension panel.
        Created HUD is still fully customizable. You can change any details at any moment.
        All HUDs created inside of After Effects via shape layers and text (vector elements). You can create HUD in any resolution without losing quality.
        You can change the duration as you need (Animation is looped). If you want, you can choose the duration of 1 second or 1 hour. All animation will be smooth and beautiful.
        Use control layer to change colors. Three colors are available.
        After HUD is created, all elements will be linked to your shape layer, so you could change the position, scale or rotation of your HUD.

        From now on all you need is in one product. You no longer need to buy hundreds of different HUD UI packs and waste thousands of dollars on it. Buy this product and you will have all you have ever needed. No matter why you need this project, be it for a cyberpunk video, broadcast design, Hi-Tech promo, technology, medicine theme or something different. You will definitely find the elements that you need, or create ones of your own in just a few clicks. Use HUDGE as a part of your Sci-Fi video fast and conveniently.

        1. HUD GENERATOR.
        From now on you can generate your own Elements in a few clicks. Unique elements will be automatically generates and animated along the path. All that you need is create the path using the pen tool or use any vector objects as the surface. After that different Hi-Tech Elements will be generated over the path. Then change the duration, choose colors and use it. The generated HUD will still be fully customizable. It means that you can change any generated text or parts of this HUD as you need.
        2. 1400+ HI-TECH ELEMENTS.
        Today it is the largest Hi-Tech pack on the market. What is more, it is one of the few bundles on the market that includes Extension panel for easy using. With MotionBro Extension you will no longer need pre-rendering to merely see what element you have chosed. You will see all animated elements in a separate window without delay.

        38 different categories with more than 1k elements:

        3D Models
        Analog Devices (v1.3 and above)
        Combinations (compilations of other categories)
        Instagram stories
        3D Scenes
        Miscellaneous scenes
        Scenes with Video Displays
        Chemical Formulas
        Simple Circles
        Frames (Corners, Rectangles, squares, Verticals)
        Progress Bars
        Safety Stickers
        Targets and Points
        Warnings signs
        More than 100 high quality Sound Effects are included.
        You can find the fonts which we used here, here, here, here.
        All the elements are made using vector elements (except 3D models). It means that you can change sizes to your liking without losing quality.
        Almost all the elements have color controls. So you can change all colors easily in one window.
        Works with Motion Bro Extension. All the elements with animated previews can be easily used. You can add each of the elements to the bookmarks. All the elements are divided into categories for easy searching. You do not need to install HUD Generator script separately, because it is embedded into the extension.
        Huge free updates coming in the nearest future. HUDGE is going to be a few times bigger!
        These Hi-Tech elements are created 100% inside of After Effects (Except 3D models). So you can take any parts of any elements, change all the text, fonts or effects, and use it in your unique HUD. Alternatively, you can customize some parts in any way you want. Be creative and find another way of using all of these elements.

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