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        Videohive - Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters - v15.4 - 24684532

        Videohive - Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters - v15.4 - 24684532
        After Effects Version CC | Resizable | No plugins required | 5.13GB


        • 400 4K Loop Posters
        • 10 FHD Kinetic Countdowns (1 min each)
        • Infinity duration
        • 100% After Effects
        • Any fonts
        • Atom extension
        • Ae CC2019 and above
        • Any aspect ratio
        • 30FPS
        • Easy to edit
        • Video tutorial included
        • Well Organized
        • No plug-ins required
        • Free font links in archive
        • Sound not included.

        v.15.4 (04-04-2022)
        + 30 posters

        v.15.3 (11-24-2021)
        + 10 posters

        v.15.2 (09-24-2021)
        [size=1]+ 25 posters
        + 7 posters (Cybertruck)
        *All posters have been subject to technical or visual changes.
        *minor bugs fixed
        *improved work with aspect ratios

        v.15 (05-23-2021)
        [size=1]* Added AtomX extension.
        All posters will always be in quick access and live preview.
        * Remastered all previous posters and add new ones.
        * Total number of posters - 325.
        * A lot of work has been done to optimize the project.
        Render time has decreased, given the fact that the resolution is 4k.
        * All expressions are written for the new JavaScript engine.
        This will make rendering fast.
        * The old Legacy ExtendScript engine is supported by almost all posters (95%).
        This will make it possible to integrate any other projects.
        * Up to 4k resolution for professional use.
        * Added ability to change animation speed.
        * Improved text handling.
        * Auto Size Fonts.
        The font size of your title automatically fits to the presets content area.
        * Added ability to change animation speed.
        * Added the ability to add animation keys for all controllers.
        * Added the ability to use the same posters in one project.
        Any number of copies.

        v.11.5 (08-26-2020)
        [size=1]+ All posters were changed and the project became more convenient.
        +Some posters the controllers, speed and duration have changed.
        +Simplified work with ready-made color settings.
        +Changed textures.
        +Added tutorial for rendering in Ae and Me.
        +Changed tutorial for monochrome settings.
        +Added alternative links
        *Note! addition 6 (countdowns) has not changed
        **Old links will be unavailable soon

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